well hello

i see you’re looking for something…

while i’d love to sing you a song or sew you a dress, i’ve discovered what i’m truly best at is empowring you with tools to capture your brand and be seen.

(and yes, there’s a story behind singing and sewing…ask me sometime…)

But first, let’s get real.

I know we just met and all, but there’s no point in beating around the bush with fancy graphics, shiny objects to click on or me spouting love sonnets about butterflies and rainbows. Let’s get down to biz-naz shall we?


Check yourself: Are you or have you ever made one of these BIG mistakes [click here] when it comes to websites?

Yes? Okay good. You’re in the right place. We’ve all been there. read on…

Second, are you ready to take the next step towards your dreams?


Fabulous. We like dreamers, big goal setters, and those with a passion to share their message and work with the world.

Third, do you want to feel empowered to move forward with your business, to stop feeling bottlenecked by technology, content creation and visual branding, to stop feeling like no one gets you, or sees you, to finally be seen and heard and show up to the world in all of your greatness?

Sound about right?


You see, I’m not here because I love colors and shapes, or web servers and URLs.

I’m  not here because I like clicking the shutter button and staring at people’s faces on the computer screen.

I’m here because I too have a gift to share in this world. I help you be seen. That’s my gift. I love learning about you, what you’re passionate about, what your gifts are…and then it all flows. Ideas and visuals about how I can help bring it all together for you in a beautiful, visual, stunning way.

I get why you’re here.

Web design, logo design and brand photography are not so easy to get right.

There’s a lot out there that just doesn’t work.

I get that you’re frustrated with technology.

I get that you have no clue what your brand should look like.

I get that the last time you had your photo taken was in a dark studio with a bright light and a creepy dude and you don’t like having your photo taken

(yikes, I wouldn’t like that either).

I get that you’re not sure if you can afford it or what to do next.

I get it.

I get you.

And I’m  here to help.

I have 3 core offerings to help you capture your brand and be seen:

Brand photography.

Brand styling (logos and such).


Web Design & Development.

And everything in between.

Each offering has a package and service that fits in with your needs and budget.

Ready to explore?

what are you looking for?

Web Design

(minus the headaches)

With nearly 20 years of web design experience, I know building a website can be FRUSTRATING.

I’ve developed our VIP client process to eliminate the headaches that come with building your website.

My team of experts help guide you through the co-creation process in selecting the blueprints and customizations for your unique site and brand. Allowing you the freedom to spend your time delivering your message and work to the world, while we deliver ours–building your home online and guiding you through the process.

I offer 3 simple services much like buying a home:





If those don’t suit your fancy, I also have an incredible DIY course that guides you through building a beautiful, simple and professional WordPress website using the Divi theme.

You get to pick which offering fits your needs, budget and skill level, we’ll take it from there.

explore your options…

Exclusive Design by Sarah Marie Brands

Custom Design for the Rising Brand

Exclusive Design is for you if:

  • You already have a business or brand and you’re ready to take it to the next level
  • You want something very unique and specific
  • You need your website to have unique features and functions
  • You may have a complex or large existing website that needs custom development and coding
  • You would like to work one-on-one directly with Sarah
  • You have a budget between $7,000-$20,000

Schedule a meeting with Sarah to get started

Select Sites by Sarah Marie Brands

Simple Design for the Growing Brand

Select Sites  by Sarah Marie Brands offer a new way to establish your web presence at an affordable rate with quick turnaround times.

Our team of experts help guide you through the co-creation process in selecting the blueprints and customizations for your unique site and brand. Allowing you the freedom to spend your time delivering your message and work to the world, while we deliver ours–building your home online and guiding you through the process.

We give you options of our top design choices to make the process simple and streamlined for you. After you make your selections, our team of designers create a beautiful and unique logo and website layout for you to review and make changes too. After final changes are made, we do all the work installing and creating your site that is unique, beautiful and fully functional. After your website is complete, you will have a personalized training video on how to manage, update and change your website to meet the growing needs of your business.

Select Sites and Branding are for you if:

  • You’re just starting out and you need a stunning but simple website and brand
  • You’re not sure what your brand or website should look like
  • You need guidance and assistance in the planning and creation of your website
  • You want custom looking graphics and website with the custom price tag
  • You have a budget between $3,300-$5,300
  • You want to feel empowered by knowing how to manage and update your website after it’s built

Choose branding or web design, or both for a discounted package rate.

Schedule a meeting with Sarah to get started

Snap Sites by Sarah Marie Brands

Site Installs for the Start Up Brand

Sometimes you just need a little nudge. Snap Sites by Sarah Marie Brands offer all of our VIP planning tools, assistance from our team, beautiful template layouts and installation at an affordable rate and 1-2 day turnaround.

With Snap Sites, we do all of the tough, up-front work in installing your website, customizing the layout, fonts, colors and adding your logo. We then install the custom design Sarah Marie page and post layouts for you to customize on your own timeline.

Snap Sites are for you if:

  • You like to DIY but need a little help on the front end
  • You need a website quickly, but don’t have all of your content ready quite yet
  • You want assistance in the planning and curating of your website, but don’t need the customization of Select or Custom design
  • You have a budget between $1200-$1800
  • You’d like to upgrade to a Select site in the future, but want to get started with our team now

Schedule a meeting with Sarah to get started

The Empowered Website Academy

Build A Beautiful Website

The Empowered Website Academy e-Course is for you if…

  • You know that to stand out from the crowd, your website has to be ON POINT. You can’t have a make-shift thrown together site if you’re going to take yourself seriously and really shine as you’re meant.
  • You aren’t in a place right now to hire a web designer and you know that if you could just have someone show you the way you could blow it out of the water.
  • You’ve tried sites or services that are “easy drag ‘n drop” website builders but it’s just not what you’re looking for, doesn’t allow for the customizations that you want or give you the integrations that you need.
  • And now you’re in a place where ultimately, creating a website and launching your business scares the pee out of you {yep I said it} and therefore you’ve just been chillin’.

Learn how to create a STUNNING WordPress Website using the Divi theme

7 Modules to Guide you through the process from planning to launch!


Brand Styling

(what the heck is that?)


No, I didn’t make up the term, but I’m not sure who did.

Brand styling is more than just designing a logo. I actually don’t do that (but that’s part of it!).

I feel that your logo is more than just text, colors and graphics. It’s an extension of you. And therefore needs a bit more planning and strategy behind it.

My brand styling packages include a unique logo in the necessary formats (vector, pdf, png & jpeg) as well as a color palette with coordinating hex codes, fonts and a style guide showing you how to use and pair your brand style package.

We have two options to get you a brand style that you love, and DIY course for beginners:

explore your options…

Custom brand styling is for you if:

  • You have an exisiting business or brand and you want to take it to the next level
  • You want something unique and out-of-the-box
  • You want to work one-on-one with Sarah
  • You want a Brand Identity session to help you discover more of your brand style and strategy
  • You need your logo in other formats such as high resolution, low resolution, blank & white, and watermarked
  • You want more graphics and elements to match your logo
  • You have a budget between $2000-$2500

Schedule a meeting with Sarah to get started

Select brand styling is for you if:

  • You’re not sure what your brand style should look like
  • You want a beautiful and unique logo and brand
  • You want to choose from a selection of our most popular fonts, colors, layouts and graphics
  • You want a custom designed brand, without the custom price tag
  • You have a budget between $700-$900

Schedule a meeting with Sarah to get started

Are you wondering if you should turn your passion into a business?

✔️ Not quite sure how to do it?

✔️ What will it look like?

✔️ Who will it serve?

✔️ How will you make money?

BRAND BASICS by Sarah Marie is the course for YOU! Whether you’re not quite sure where to start, or you’ve already started and need some direction in planning your brand, Brand Basics will guide you through a series of exercise to help you:

  • Lay a solid foundation for your brand
  • Discover your passion
  • Discover your purpose
  • Plan how to monetize your brand
  • Discover your target audience
  • Create a visual standard for your brand
  • Create a name for your brand
  • Create values, missions and objectives for your brand

Includes 2 bonus videos that will show you how to:

  • Create your own logo!
  • Create shareable media graphics to use for social media, website or print

Purchase the course here

Brand Photography

(be seen.)

Not all photography is created equal. It’s true, there are a lot of incredible photographers out there, but have you ever had your photos taken only to get the images back and think that’s not me.

There’s more to photography than getting the correct lighting, exposure, focus and composition.

It’s an energy.

It’s the ability to allow you to feel relaxed and comfortable so that I can capture the real you. When you, your friends, or your clients look at your photo they instantly connect with the real you. The one that has a gift and message to share with the world.

Did you know that on average we see over 5,000 marketing messages per day? Honestly, it’s probably more. Between scrolling Facebook, watching videos, or even just driving down the street, we are bombarded. So how do you get your unique message and voice to the world? Images are our first point of contact. Think about it. Do you even read text, messages or posts without first looking at a profile image? Are you going to open a letter without first inspecting what it looks like?

Like it or not, we make a decision whether we want to engage with others by first looking at an image. Your images on media, print and especially your website need to instantly attract your highest level clients. They need to be able to connect with and get you just by looking at your photos. Then they will decide further to read, opt-in, and engage further with you.

Don’t’ believe me? Check out this episode of Brain Games…

Our brains make a decision about if we can trust someone or not in less than 1/10 … having the right photo can literally make all the difference.

All of my photo sessions include an online gallery of your photos with 10 years of storage, high resolution images with distribution rights, session time and digital images.

Not in the Denver area? I love to travel! Schedule a meeting with me and we can chat about my availability to come to you!

I have 4 photo packages to fit your needs and budget, or plan your photo shoot with another photographer using my Planning Your Branding Photo Shoot mini course!

explore your options…


Perfect for you if:

  • You need a quick photo or two
  • You already have a library of images to use, and just need a quick update
  • You need a few images of your team members
  • You don’t have a specific time or location you need images at
  • You need 5-10 images
  • You only need to be photographed in one outfit
  • You have a budget of $250-$350


Out-of-state? Want to host a head-shot day in your area?

Contact me for more info!

Quick Shoots

Perfect for you if:

  • You want a variety of images to use on your website or media
  • You want photos to use for marketing, but don’t need an extended length of time or various locations
  • You want amazing photos but are on a smaller budget
  • You need 25-50 images
  • You want a few outfit changes
  • You have a budget of $500-$700

Schedule a meeting with Sarah to get started

Brand Builder

  • You have a team you need photographed
  • You have a variety of poses and locations you need images taken in
  • You have a variety of outfits you’d like to be photographed in
  • You need 50-100 images
  • You have a budget of $1800+

Schedule a meeting with Sarah to get started

 VIP Sessions

  • You have a highly visual brand and need a variety of concepts photographed
  • You want several locations and several outfit changes
  • You want professional hair & makeup
  • You feel like you’d be more comfortable with more time
  • You need various hair and makeup changes throughout your shoot
  • You need a library of stock images for 6-12 months of marketing
  • You have a large team or extensive product line you need photographed
  • You are out-of-state and would like me to travel to you
  • You have a budget of $3000+

Schedule a meeting with Sarah to get started

Planning An Epic Photo Shoot Course

Not able to make it to me for your photo shoot? NO problem!

In this mini course, I’ll show you how to effectively plan out your photo shoot with your chosen photographer and communicate to them what you’re looking for. Not all photographers understand the needs of your brand, so it’s essential you do some of the leg work for them to make sure you get stunning photos for your website and marketing!

Purchase the course here

that’s not all…

looking for something more from yours truly?

don’t you worry, i can tailor a custom pacakge just for you…or we can get together and just come up with rockin’ ideas for your brand… whatever you need babe,

I’m here.

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